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Enrollment Program Coordinator

POSITION: Enrollment Program Coordinator
STATUS: Non-Exempt; Full time
REPORTS TO: Member and Community Service Unit Manager
SUPERVISES: Enrollment Workers
DEPARTMENT: Member and Community Service Unit

Under the direction of the Member and Community Service Unit Manager, Enrollment Program Coordinator (Enrollment PC) is responsible for supervising Enrollment Workers (EWs) for the Member and Community Service Unit (MCS Unit). The Enrollment PC assures that APHCV optimally enrolls and retains patients and community members in health insurance and subsidy health programs as defined by Member and Community Service Unit Manager (MCS Manager). Enrollment PC keeps EWs focused on meeting productivity targets while successfully enrolling and anchoring patients as appropriate. Enrollment PC and EWs are responsible for the entire Enrollment Services that are provided at various APHCV service locations in terms of quality, standard, and performance and implementation of policies and procedures.

APHCV expects all employees to respond and participate to emergency situation per emergency policies and procedures.


1. Supervision of Enrollment Workers. Performs supervisory duties including:
a. Sets productivity and quality goals for EWs.
b. Monitors day to day EWs performance, patients and clients flow and their satisfaction, and implements workflow improvement ideas.
c. Monitor EWs schedules to ensure coverage and continuity of Unit Services.
d. Develops and revise workflows/procedures related to operation of enrollment services at all sites that facilitates EWs achieving successful enrollment, retention of eligibility and retention of patients, and ensure they meet productivity targets.
e. Provides or coordinate on-going training for new and existing EWs regarding the Unit goals, program activities, performance expectation, policies and procedures for the program and APHCV.
f. Provides performance feedback to EWs in an on-going manner; and annual performance evaluation.
g. Collects and reviews EWs productivity reports and provides overall analysis and action plan and provide quality and productivity report to Member and Community Service Unit Manager.
h. Promote professionalism, accountability and initiative to EWs by providing trainings and coaching and being a role model.
i. Provides day to day interface and consistent communication with other departments for maximum efficiency for all health center operations.
j. Conducts huddles and periodic meetings with EWs as part of ongoing communication and team building efforts.
2. Member Services
a. Work with Managed Care Program Assistant to ensure EWs complete Initial Health Assessment (IHA) and IPA related phone calls.
b. Compile reports/data from EWs and provide monthly report to the MCS Manager including a narrative on services provided and progress made; a quantitative report on enrollment numbers reach per month, and all other program activities assigned to measure productivity.
3. Outreach
a. Assume a liaison role between APHCV and appropriate community including businesses, temples, cultural centers, service organizations, schools, and other community institutions.
b. Provide outreach productivity report to the MCS Manager.
4. Contract Management
a. Manage all aspects of enrollment related contracts.
b. Ensure that contract/project objectives are met in timely manner and reports are submitted to funders on time.
c. Oversee and maintain any project budget that funds are planned and used appropriately and in compliance with funding requirements.
d. Work with Fiscal Department to ensure proper and timely invoicing/billing of projects.
e. Work with Fund Development Department when/if the Unit related proposals are prepared.
f. Stay accountable to funding agencies by responding to their questions, submitting reports on time, and meeting all of their expectations.
5. Stay informed on overall directions of policy and program for insurance coverage and benefit programs. Also stay informed of funding sources for the Unit.
6. Conduct internal audit to ensure that all enrollment documentation is properly and accurately filed and provide findings and recommendation to Member and Community Service Unit Manager and other relevant staff.
7. Various other duties as assigned by Member and Community Service Unit Manager.
8. Participate in APHCV in-service and meetings.
9. Demonstrate awareness and compliance of the corporate and organizational mission and objective of APHCV.
10. Perform all other activities assigned to assist retain patients and clients with APHCV.


1. An accredited (4) year Bachelor’s Degree.
2. Extensive experience in a supervision and team building in a healthcare environment, medical office or community based organization.
3. Minimum 1 year experience in contract and budget management
4. Proficient computer skills in Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, etc.).
5. Effective verbal and written communication skills to communicate clearly and effectively with patients and others.
6. Must have access to reliable transportation in order to travel from one site to the other and external meetings
7. Preferred: Certified Enrollment Counselor certification and/or knowledge of public funded health programs (Medi-Cal, Covered CA, My Health LA, etc).

HR Procedural requirements:
• Legal authorization to work in the United States
• A valid California Driver’s license with clean records and access to insured automobile
• Completion of APHCV Health Assessment Form
• Completion of DOJ background check

Must be able to materially perform the task normally associated with the position including but not limited to: ability to lift up to 30 lbs., climbs ladders, work in confined spaces.