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Front Office

POSITION:                 Clinic Operations Front Office-School Based Health Center Multi Function

 STATUS:                   Non-exempt; Full time

REPORTS TO:          Clinic Manager           

SUPERVISES:           None

DEPARTMENT:         Clinic Operations

OFFICIAL DUTY STATION:  John Marshall High School Health Center; during closure of the site, other location as assigned by supervisor.


Asian Pacific Health Care Venture, Inc. (APHCV) expects all Clinic Operations (CO) staff to be a part of the revenue cycle process that contributes to the optimization of capturing, management and collection of patient service revenue.

APHCV is in the business to serve patients; APHCV is committed to the provision of patient centric care at all levels, from the CO Telephone Operator, Front Office and Medical Interpreters and beyond.  This position will be a part of a multi-disciplinary care team that facilitates and provides culturally and linguistically sensitive services by assisting with patient flow activities to reduce patient wait time and to provide higher overall patient’s satisfaction.

Clinic Operation Department includes a centralized Call Center and Medical Record Unit.  However, some of Call Center and Medical Record functions are assumed by Clinic Operations site specific staff.  Hence, this position is responsible for various aspects of Clinic Operations functions: Front Office, Medical Record, Medical Interpreter and Telephone Operator.  The position is expected to perform all duties with special emphasis on accuracy, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

APHCV expects all employees to respond and participate in emergency situation per emergency policies and procedures; and follow APHCV policies and procedures.


Front office and Telephone Operator Duties

  1. Greet patients as this position is the face of the Health Center.
  2. Verify patient’s appointment in NextGen Enterprise Practice Management (EPM).
  3. Update and verify patient’s information/data contained in NextGen EPM.
  4. Check and correct any additional system alerts in NextGen EPM.
  5. Scan documents such as program applications, requirements, identifications (IDs) and insurance card into NextGen ICS.
  6. Check to make sure that Financial Screening, program enrollment and verification is complete and accurate at check in.
  7. Enroll/Renew patient program such as Family PACT, MHLA, CHDP, EWC, Sliding Scale (SS), Queens Care or Self-Pay.
  8. Review and explain forms in the patient registration packet to patient at new patient registration and annual screening/review process for established patients.
  9. Verify and/or set up insurance in NextGen EPM accurately.
  10. Collect any pervious balance and all co-pays that are outstanding or due during the visit.
  11. Place fee ticket with all appropriate documentation in identified provider bin.
  12. Maintain smooth patient flow through communication between patient, provider, Medical Assistant (MA) and other clinic support staff.
  13. Handle scheduling inquiries and make appropriate patient appointments.
  14. Provide assistance and information to patient when requested.
  15. Consistently complete patient check in and checkout in a timely manner.
  16. Provide directions to patient regarding Dispensary usage for medications prescribed.
  17. Consistently provide marketing for health center
  18. Keep clinic and waiting area clean, organized and safe.
  19. Answer telephone calls promptly, courteously and use EHR telephone template for documentation when necessary or appropriate documentation in EPM when it applies.
  20. Retrieve voice mail messages and return calls appropriately and in a timely manner.
  21. Transfer telephone calls to other staff (e.g. nursing staff, outreach staff or etc. accordingly) appropriately.
  22. Make, cancel and re-schedule appointments as needed.
  23. Run eligibility for new patients with managed care Medi-Cal insurance prior to making new patient appointment and instructs patients accordingly based on their PCP assignment.
  24. Task Triage Nurses and Referral Nurses accordingly.
  25. Ensure complete and accurate data entry during telephone patient registration process.
  26. Create and deactivate NextGen EPM alerts as needed.
  27. Utilize park, paging and voicemail systems to ensure proper routing of telephone calls.
  28. Provide general information about APHCV e.g. directions, scope of services, available programs and etc.
  29. Consistently provide financial screening for all next day patient charts, during the course of the workday.
  30. Call all patients that need to provide additional financial information for their next day appointment.
  31. Call all patients if upon financial screening review patients’ medical home or Primary Care Provider (PCP) is not anchored with APHCV.
  32. Assist patient in the selection and changes of PCP at Health Centers and maintain up-to-date PCP assignment in NextGen EPM, and make a referral to Enrollment Unit if external PCP assignment change is necessary.
  33. Provide Health Center information by reviewing the Patient Guide at the new patient registration and at annual screening/review process for established patient.
  34. Ensure proper credit/payment is maintained on patient’s account (e.g. perform cashiering duties, posting charges, prints out receipt, etc.).
  35. Perform all opening and closing functions as required such as opening and closing of daily cash box, batching and posting encounters, counting and preparing daily deposit and all other necessary activities.
  36. Turn on and turn off television in patient waiting area at appropriate times.
  37. Maintain patient comment box i.e. supply of comment cards, retrieving comments periodically.
  38. Ensure infection control by wearing mask when exposure is known i.e. when patient or self is coughing consistently.
  39. Monitor and assure that clinic forms are replenished in a timely manner (e.g. patient intake forms, registration forms, enrollment forms, etc.).
  40. Maintain an adequate paper supply in the photocopy machine.
  41. Shred unnecessary printed patient Protected Health Information (PHI) and fee tickets on daily basis or provide designated and proper storage of PHI.
  42. Attend and participate in clinic staff meetings and training: always come prepared with a notebook and a pen.
  43. Assist in data collection for CO performance measures.
  44. Forward patient’s concern and feedback to appropriate personnel within APHCV for resolution and optimization of clinic efficiency.
  45. Contact and follow up with patients who no-showed for their medical appointment(s) in accordance with the “No Show Follow Up” procedure. Document such patient contact in NextGen EPM or EHR.
  46. Assist in ensuring and increase clinic productivity
  47. Perform any other duties as assigned by supervisor(s).

Medical Record Duties

  1. Ensures that all medical records are maintained appropriately; secure, complete and up to date at all times.
  2. Keeps patient PHI in cabinets organized and secure at all times
  3. Ensures that all documentation contained in patient health record has appropriate label identifying the patient correctly.
  4. Immediately notifies Medical Record Unit Supervisor or Medical Record Coordinator if patient paper health record has incorrect patient information identified in it.
  5. Files accurately with a patient label of each of the following: lab and diagnostic results, referral forms, consultation reports, correspondence and patient returned mail.
  6. Answers all department calls regarding patient medical record questions and requests
  7. Controls internal and external protected health information requests.  Work with Medical Record Unit at LFHC, assures completion of unemployment, disability, and release of medical & dental records requests.
  8. Facilitates patients with the request for patient protected health information release to other facilities and for the patient’s own use.
  9. End of day functions: ensures that all loose documents are reviewed and all forms are appropriately scanned and filed in correct document types in ICS/NextGen according to the ICS scanning guidelines. All forms scanned have patient label attached to clearly identify the correct patient.
  10. Transfers and maintains records electronically by scanning, importing, and indexing the referrals reports, etc.
  11. Ensures the appropriateness of forms used in electronic health record.
  12. Utilizes Next Gen in locating current and archived patient paper health records.
  13. Maintain paper forms in a case where EHR system is down and unavailable.
  14. Obtain consultation report from other providers/facilities
  15. Check digital fax on daily basis

Medical Interpreter Duties:

  1. Provide intake and assist with financial screening and Health History intake for limited English proficient patients.
  2. Provide interpretation at various points of patient interaction to support clinic operations such as scheduled patient visits with providers.
  3. Call patients 2 days before their appointment to remind them of their appointment if language is not supported by Call Center.
  4. Provide either interpretation or instruction at classes for patients on various health topics.
  5. Contact patients in a timely manner in response to voicemails left by patients.
  6. Work with CO and medical staff to facilitate efficient patient flow.
  7. Call patients per care team’s order for various purposes including follow up of patients with abnormal lab results. Document such calls made in EHR, according to procedure.
  8. Attach interpreter with appointment made when applicable.
  9. Verify and schedule future appointments when necessary.
  10. Translate or review translated clinic documents, outreach materials and health education materials in timely manner, if necessary.
  11. Attend a continuing education class for furthering and keeping abreast in the medical interpretation field.


School Based Health Center (SBHC) Specific Duties:

  1. Work closely with school staff in order to maintain Clinic performance and duties such as summonsing students, being updated with school events, etc.
  2. Conduct basic family planning education, and pregnancy test counseling at John Marshall School-Based
  3. Manage and assist with Student Advisory Board students.
  4. Assist with development and implementation of parent outreach and student outreach.
  5. Verifying and Collecting parent consents of students.
  6. Maintain and help create a youth friendly environment (posters, advertising, pamphlets, etc)


  1. Maintain professionalism and excellent customer service at all times with patients, caregivers, and other staff regardless of cultural, education, socio-economic and linguistic background.
  2. Speak clearly, distinctly and professionally on telephone and face to face patient encounters.
  3. Maintain high level attendance pattern to ensure department is accurately covered at all times.
  4. Work as a team player and be willing to assist co-workers in other duties within his/her capabilities, to aid the clinic team in providing good efficient patient care.
  5. Facilitate patient flow by working effectively and efficiently.
  6. Work Saturdays and evening hours as scheduled.
  7. Maintain open communication with other clinic staff.
  8. Meet other performance expectations as conveyed by supervisor(s).


  • High School Diploma and 1 year minimum working experience in Front and Back Office Clinic functions, patient scheduling and registration.

 Skills Preferred:

  • Knowledge of various health programs (i.e. FPACT, BCEDP, Medi-Cal, Medicare, EWC, Queens Care etc.).
  • Proficiency in written and verbal English and targeted language.
  • Exceptional customer service skills.
  • Proficiency in PC/MAC – working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications, NextGen, Intranet and Internet.
  • Ability to prioritize assignments to complete work in a timely manner.

 HR Procedural requirements:

 Legal authorization to work in the United States.

  • A valid California Driver’s license with clean records and access to insured automobile.
  • Completion of APHCV Health Assessment Form.
  • Completion of DOJ background check.


Must be able to materially perform the task normally associated with the position including but not limited to: ability to lift up to 25 lbs.