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Housekeeper/Parking Attendant

POSITION: Housekeeper I-III/Parking Attendant
STATUS: Non-Exempt, Full-Time
REPORTS TO: Facilities and Safety Coordinator IV
SUPERVISES: Contracted Housekeeping
DEPARTMENT: Facility Department

SUMMARY:   Under the direction of the Coordinator,  this position performs various duties to enhance customer service at APHCV site locations by ensuring that APHCV’s facilities are keep clean and neat.  The position will also assist with parking at the Los Feliz site location, mail operations, and ensuring assisting that site location is clear of any debris left in the hallways to ensure Fire Life Safety Codes are met at the site location. The position will order facility related supplies for multiple site locations as needed and follow-up on assigned Facility Tickets within a prescribed time frame.

 APHCV expects all employees to respond and participate to emergency situation per emergency policies and procedures.


Customer and Concierge Services:
1. Provide excellent customer service to employees, patients and guests.
2. Greet and direct patients/clients for appropriate direction when they come and leave APHCV as needed.
3. Directs patients, clients, guests and employees to appropriate parking sections as needed.
a. Assist clients with parking as needed such as directions, tokens etc.
4. Respond to staff requests at the Los Feliz site location such as supplies or assist moving items as needed.
5. Check email and facility ticket requests daily. Address and complete facility ticket requests that they are assigned or related to their job duties.

1. Clean the front lobby in and outside of the lobby entrances in the morning and in the afternoon before leaving for the day. Keep the area clean at all times.
2. Throw away any old newspapers, magazines, or trash lying around on waiting room chairs and waiting areas and straighten the waiting room chairs.
3. Wipe down and straighten chairs in the waiting areas as needed
a. Wipe down furniture as needed
b. Identify any furniture that is damaged or needs repair and remove from site location with the assistance of the Coordinator or Assistant.
4. Replenish Facility Cleaning supplies using the set computer program
a. Ensure that all supply areas are stocked and organized
b. Order supplies in a timely manner to ensure no shortages.
c. Ensure no chemicals are mixed per Cal OSHA/OSHA standards
d. Ensure original MSDS labels are on bottles.
e. Ensure that there are supplies for the cleaning vendor at night
5. Monitor the cleanliness of the bathrooms by also checking the overflowing trash bins and checking the availability of the bathroom supplies.
a. Mop floors
b. Scrub sinks and toilets
c. Wipe down mirrors
6. Dispose of trash when checking the areas as needed.
7. Clean APHCV break rooms after lunch:
a. Empty trash can
b. Wipe down sink, counter top area and tables
c. Mop down floor
d. Ensure that there are sponges and soap in the area at all times or order replenished supplies.
8. Check the following rooms for cleanliness and set-up:
Large Conference Room A, Small Conference Room B, and Youth Center. Make sure all chairs and tables are stacked up and there is a trashcan in the room and the room is clean from the last person who used it.
9. Empty the APHCV staff lunch room trash can after lunch to avoid odors
In the building and reduce the build up of flies in the area, as needed.
10. Assist with locking up the patio furniture as needed and bringing in the parking signs.
11. Make sure to check off the room check off sheet as you clean.
12. Order cleaning supplies for Los Feliz site and keep the janitorial room clean and organized.
13. Other duties as assigned.

1. Submits weekly/daily checklists according to set schedule.
2. Assist with any breakdown issues that occur with the Los Feliz site location which can include:
a. Copy Machine
b. Plumbing issues
c. Other Maintenance issues that may need immediate attention.

Mail and Delivery Operations
1. Assist with the with mail operations for all site locations working with the Coordinator(s) and Associate Director of Services especially in the absence of the Facilities Assistant/Mail Clerk.
2. Sorting and Receiving
a. Ensure that mail is sorted and distributed according to set policies and procedures.
b. Sort, stamp, and distribute mail.
c. Process Certified mail and distribute confirmation receipts accordingly
3. Machines – Pitney Bowes DM225
a. Ability to operate the Pitney Bowes DM225 stamp machine and maintain the maintenance of the machine.
b. Order additional supplies as needed and install in machine or work with Coordinators to ensure supplies are ordered and restocked for the machine.
c. Call for service of the Pitney Bowes machine as needed. Inform Coordinator(s) or Associate Director of Services if supplies need to be ordered or order directly.
4. Mailroom Standards
a. Work with the Coordinator(s) and Director of Facility Operations to ensure that the Los Feliz site location is securing and maintaining the mailrooms according to set policies and procedures.
b. Ensure that the mailroom is organized and secured. Notify the Coordinator(s) and Associate Director of Services of mailrooms that are not secure or not organized.
5. Package and arrange delivery or returns of packages with designated vendors and sites as needed.
6. Checks – Ensure all incoming checks and cash are stamped and sorted according to set policies and procedures.
a. Input monthly ledger of checks into the excel and submit monthly to the Fiscal Department. Inform Coordinators if this is not done.
7. Ensure that there is a 95% accuracy in mail delivery to all site locations and departments. Complaints from staff and departments will be documented and included in the annual evaluation process.

1. Monitor the security and integrity in the lobby area. Report to Facilities Coordinator, Director of Facility Operations, Clinic Manager (or any other Managers if they are not found) of any disturbance occurring within the premise. Ask the loitering individuals or skate boarders to leave the premise.
2. Perform other related duties incidental to the work described.


  1. Checklists turned in weekly out of 52 weeks excluding vacations and time off
  2. Passing scores of Facility Audits internally or externally that is associated with assigned duties and site locations.
  3. Facility Tickets assigned and responded to within the set parameters on policies and procedures.
  4. Follow set procedures regarding blood bourne pathogens and cleaning guidelines.
  5. Customer service feedback.


  1. High School Diploma or 1 year minimum experience as a housekeeper/cleaning person.
  2. Exceptional customer service towards patients and staff
  3. Handles multiple task efficiently and accurately
  4. Exemplifies professional demeanor at all times
  5. Must be licensed to drive in the State of CA and have access to a vehicle to drive to various site locations.
  6. Must be able to communicate through digital methods such as text and email.

HR Procedural requirements:

  1. Legal authorization to work in the United States
  2. A valid California Driver’s license with clean records and access to insured automobile
  3. Completion of APHCV Health Assessment Form
  4. Completion of DOJ and FBI background check


Must be able to materially perform the task normally associated with the position including but not limited to: Ability to lift at least 40 to 50 Ibs.