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Charge Licensed Vocational Nurse

POSITION: Charge Licensed Vocational Nurse (Charge LVN)

STATUS: Exempt; Full time

REPORTS TO: Site specific: Assistant Nurse Manager at Los Feliz Health Center, Assigned Nurse Supervisor (RN) at BHC or ERHC or Assigned Nurse Practitioner or Physician at John Marshall High School Health Center

SUPERVISES: Administratively supervises (and provides training to) Medical Assistants I and II and other Licensed Vocational Nurses

DEPARTMENT: Floor Nursing Operations Unit, Nursing Department

PRIMARY LOCATION: Asian Pacific Health Care Venture, Inc.

Licensed Vocational Nurses function under the direct supervision of a Registered Nurse. Under the direction of the Assistant Nurse Manager or Assigned Nurse Supervisor, or Assigned Nurse Practitioner or Physician at John Marshall and/or Belmont Health Centers when RN is not on site, Charge LVN supervises Medical Assistants I and II and other Licensed Vocational Nurses in daily activities and are responsible for ensuring that the back office roles and responsibilities of those that they are supervising are effectively and efficiency completed. Charge LVN helps to ensure that patient care is consistent with APHCV’s organizational quality initiatives. All activities are carried out within the scope prescribed by the LVN/Psych Tech Board and the policies and procedures of Asian Pacific Health Care Venture (APHCV). Within the Provider care team, Charge LVN staff shall take instructions from Providers and shall coordinate care with other members of the care team, while administratively supervising Licensed Vocational Nurses and Medical Assistants I and II.

APHCV expects all employees to respond and participate to emergency situation per emergency policies and procedures.

1. Charge Responsibilities
a. Meet performance expectations for floor nurse operations including care team goals. Review performance reports and correct/improve performance measures.
b. Provide input and recommendations to Assistant Nurse Manager in order to develop annual performance goals for Floor Nursing Operations.
c. Communicate to all floor nursing operations staff daily goals by huddling.
d. Communicate all floor nursing priorities and annual goals by emails, daily communication and staff meeting.
e. Assures that patient flow is efficient and effective by supervising Licensed Vocational Nurses and Medical Assistants,
f. Administratively supervises, reviews and prepares time sheets of floor nurse operations staff, evaluate, counsel, and train the staff.
g. Assures that patient care area is clean and completely stocked before each visit,
h. Assures that charts and pertinent test results are complete before charts are needed for patient care,
i. Assures that all medical equipment is in working order and calibrated correctly,
j. Assists the Assistant Nurse Manager/Nurse Supervisor needed repairs per APHCV’s policies and procedures,
k. Performs medication verification for an MA, utilizing the five rights of medication administration, adhering to organizational policies and procedures,
l. Ensures immunization follow-ups are sent in a timely manner and maintains accurate immunization records and inventory,
m. Responds to emergency situations per organizational policies and procedures and at the direction of an RN or a Provider,
n. Serves as the Saturday clinic Nursing supervisor when working on a Saturday,
o. Ensures adequate nursing floor operations staffing by communicating with other Charge LVNs, and if necessary, the supervising Registered Nurse on site. These positions include the Assistant Nurse Manager at the Los Feliz Health Center, Nurse Supervisor at the Belmont Health Center and/or El Monte-Rosemead Health Center, and Nurse Practitioner/Physician on-site at the John Marshall High School Health Center
p. Assists ANM/NM/DON in audit preparations and ensuring compliance with health plans, local, State and Federal agencies.
q. Assures that MAs document all vital signs, height and weight, BMI and BMI Percentile (for pediatric patients) in the electronic medical record before patient leaves the clinic,
r. Conducts spot check audits to ensure that Medical Assistants I and II and other assigned LVN’s are documenting necessary information to comply with Meaningful Use, Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH), HIPAA and clinical standards.
s. Reviews supply needs with staff and coordinates and approves supply requests.

Below are LVN duties. They are:

1. Patient care responsibilities
a. Performs hand washing at intervals described in the organizational policy and procedure,
b. Adheres to standardized precautions,
c. Assists providers and Registered Nurses with medical procedures as directed and provides chaperonage as needed
d. Maintains timely, appropriate and accurate patient chart and organizational log documentation,
e. Provides basic health education to patients and family members as directed by Provider or Registered Nurse from preprinted script,
f. Administers and reads Tuberculin Tine Test consistent with scope of practice and the policies and procedures of APHCV,
g. Communicates respectfully and clearly with patients, family members and external vendors whether in person or on the phone,
h. Maintains open communication with all clinic staff and responds clearly and respectfully,
i. Introduces self to patient by stating name and position title whether in person or on the phone,
j. Obtains, relays, and documents timely, messages received from patients, providers and staff.
k. Assists other clinic staff as needed,
l. Assists in providing interpretation services as needed
m. Participates in data collection and data entry for quality improvement activities; Supports the implementation of organizational improvements,
n. Adheres to attendance policy and procedure,
o. Maintains confidentiality and respect for information regarding patients and other team members; abides by APHCV policy and procedures such as HIPAA and all other relevant policies and procedures,
p. Communicates respectfully and clearly with patients, family members and external vendors whether in person or on the phone,
q. Oversees proper immunization procedures for self and medical assistants,
r. Assists with scheduling appointments, answering telephone, filing, etc. as need is identified and/or assigned,
s. Calls in prescriptions to pharmacy as directed by provider,
t. Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor.

2. Documentation
a. Maintains appropriate, accurate and timely patient chart and log documentation,
b. Documents all patient procedures that are self-performed immediately after completing the procedure.

4. Performs laboratory responsibilities:
a. Ensures that laboratory results are checked for reconciliation with ordered labs and forwarded to provider for timely review,
b. Ensures that required laboratory quality control procedures are conducted and documented daily before using any POCT testing materials
c. Maintains a clean lab area and ensures containment of hazardous waste,
d. Inventories laboratory supplies and in coordination with the RN assigned, orders them as needed,
e. Obtains, as needed, non-invasive patient specimens, including blood, urine, sputum, etc. as directed by providers, according to organizational policies and procedures,
f. Performs simple assays, as needed, (i.e. fingerstick, glucose, urine dipstick analysis, stool for occult blood, urine pregnancy test) under the direction of providers according to point of care testing (POCT) policies and procedures

5. Dispensary
a. If and when assigned to the dispensary at John Marshall:
b. Keeps the work environment clean and organized,
c. Monitors the medication and medication supplies and orders as needed,
d. Gives Labels pre-packaged medications with patient name after having this confirmed with a Registered Nurse, Physician Assistant or Physician,
e. Coordinates with Nurse Manager to ensure that pharmaceutical inventory meets established par levels and that out of date medications are disposed of according to APHCV policies and procedures,
f. Stores medications and medication supplies in a clean and organized environment complying with manufacturer’s recommendations,
g. Complies with infection control procedures,
h. Maintains internal controls by timely, effectively and efficiently completing all required documentation and supplying same to the Nurse Manager as required.
6. Staff Development
a. Attends APHCV staff meeting, clinic staff meeting, department meetings, and other meetings as assigned by supervisor,
b. Attends and assists in the facilitation of trainings as assigned by supervisor,
c. Communicates training needs to supervisor,
d. Participates in agency wide events as required by APHCV polices and procedures.
e. Act as preceptor to new Licensed Vocational Nurses, Medical Assistants or nurses in training.

• High school diploma or GED
• Graduate from an accredited LVN program
• Current Vocational Nursing license from the State of California
• BLS certified according to the AHA guidelines
• Demonstrated ability to supervise others to meet performance expectations,
• Willingness to learn new skills,
• Good communication and interpersonal skills,
• Ability to demonstrate patience and convey a warm, caring attitude toward patients and staff,
• Regular predictable attendance during work hours,
• Able to work with people of diverse cultural, educational, social, economic, and linguistic backgrounds,

• Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications,
• Recent experience in a clinic or outpatient setting, while working in a supervisory or leadership position,
• Able to clearly communicate in English and at least one of the following languages fluently: Thai, Khmer, Tagalog, Vietnamese or Spanish,

HR Procedural Requirements
• Legal authorization to work in the United States,
• A valid California Driver’s license with clean records and personal automobile insurance (required if staff member would be driving for any APHCV related activities),
• Completion of Department of Justice background check and fingerprinting,
• Completion of APHCV New Hire Health Clearance Certification Form and pre-employment physical, including required immunizations.