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Patient Engagement Program Coordinator

POSITION: Patient Engagement Program Coordinator
STATUS: Non-Exempt; Full Time
REPORTS TO: Member and Community Service Unit Manager
DEPARTMENT: Member and Community Service Unit


Patient Engagement Program Coordinator will be the lead staff person responsible for coordination, planning, and implementation of activities to increase Patient Portal utilization and member and patient satisfaction. The Coordinator develops plans to increase and directly assist APHCV staff in the enrollment and use of Patient Portal and implement Customer Services activities.

 APHCV expects all employees to respond and participate to emergency situation per emergency policies and procedures. 


  1. Patient Portal Enrollment
    1. Responsible for overall logistics in enrollment of Patient Portal
    2. Interact with patients to motivate them to sign up for Patient Portal
    3. Assist patients with registration onto Patient Portal
    4. Create promotion materials/events to encourage patients to sign up for patient portal.
    5. Create promotion materials/events to demonstrate and assist patients in enrollment of patient portal, such as, but not limited to, incorporating enrollment demonstration and event with existing patient education and outreach activities, being available at patient visits to assist patient enrollment directly, etc.
  2. Patient Portal Education
    1. Responsible for overall logistics in education of Patient Portal
    2. Educate patients on how to use Patient Portal
  3. Patient Portal Intern Recruitment
    1. Responsible for hiring and recruitment of interns (post ads, career fairs, etc) to assist in patient enrollment and use of Patient Portal.
    2. Coordinate training for interns (IT, HR, EPM, Patient Portal, Facility)
    3. Evaluate interns on performance
    4. Create educational curriculum for interns
    5. Hold weekly regular meeting with interns to discuss outreach efforts for Patient Portal as needed.
  4. Patient Portal Evaluation and Maintenance
    1. Create policies and procedures for Patient Portal
    2. Communicate with APHCV staff needed to complete task
    3. Analyze data on a regular basis to monitor the progress of Patient Portal
    4. Train staff members on Patient Portal when needed
  5. Patient Portal Quality Assurance and improvement activities
    1. Monitoring of invalid e-mails and providing feedback to front office staff via Clinic Managers through weekly report
    2. Ensure that IT department staff execute exclusion of patients’ ages between 12-17 years old.
    3. Monitor timely response of secure messaging in the Patient Portal for all units against established procedure.
    4. Participate in Meaningful Use planning meeting set by EHR and PCMH Project Manager.
  6. Assist with Patient Satisfaction Survey preparation, implementation, and data collection of the annual patient satisfaction survey.
  7. Participate in analysis and recommendations for Customer Service improvement by implement structure(s) for:
    1. Customer Service Improvement workgroup
    2. Patient satisfaction survey
    3. Patient qualitative feedback report
    4. Facility Audit and Reporting
    5. Telephone audit and Reporting
    6. Weekly Yelp reviews
    7. Annual Grievance analysis
  8. Various other duties as assigned by Member and Community Service Unit Manager.



  • Patient Portal: Reach and maintain more than 50% of registration (Timely Access) per Eligible Provider encounters.
  • Patient Portal: Reach and maintain the overall goal of 35% enrollment of patients (Patient Electronic Access) by Eligible Provider encounters.
  • Patient Portal: Reach and maintain more than 5 % of secure electronic messaging by Eligible Provider


 An accredited (4) year Bachelor’s Degree.

  • Experience in supervision.
  • Proficient computer skills in Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, etc.).Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills to communicate clearly and effectively with patients and others
  • Sensitivity and interest on health issues affecting underserved communities.
  • Proven customer support experience and customer orientation and ability to adapt/respond to different types of characters

HR Procedural requirements:

  • Legal authorization to work in the United States
  • A valid California Driver’s license with clean records and access to insured automobile
  • Completion of APHCV Health Assessment Form
  • Completion of DOJ background check

Skills Preferred:

  • Fluent in Chinese or Spanish
  • Strong interpretation skills and detail-oriented
  • Strong facilitation skills
  • Knowledge and familiarity with the U.S Healthcare system and API health issues
  • Knowledge of health promotion and education
  • Knowledge and experience with Microsoft Office 


Must be able to materially perform the task normally associated with the position including but not limited to: ability to lift up to 25 lbs.