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Triage Registered Nurse

POSITION: Triage Registered Nurse (Triage RN)
STATUS: Non-exempt; Full time
REPORTS TO: Triage Unit RN Supervisor
SUPERVISES: LVNs, MAs and/or clerical staff
DEPARTMENT: Nursing Department


This position primarily provides nursing care for Triage Unit. However, this position also acts as a floater Registered Nurse (RN), when needed, at which time he/she works in a variety of units including the back office and in the dispensary at any and all assigned service locations of APHCV. The Triage RN works with other staff to provide a safe, effective and quality patient care environment. Triage RN provides clinical supervision to LVNs and MAs within their scope of practice.

APHCV expects all employees to respond and participate to emergency situations according to emergency policies and procedures.


1. Triage

a. Performs all job duties to achieve Triage Unit goals under the direction of Triage Unit Supervisor. Act to improve the performance of Triage Unit.
b. Performs a complete Triage assessment and follow up according to scope of practice and APHCV policies and procedures.
c. Observes and performs functions as per Triage Unit Orientation Manual’s policies and procedures. .
d. Provides triage service over the phone and in face to face encounters,
e. Conducts an effective and efficient patient flow that expedites patient care
f. Recognizes signs and symptoms of urgent care needs and rapidly assists patient in obtaining a provider assessment and/or transfer to a higher level of care.
g. Clinically supervise LVNs and MAs that are assigned to Triage Unit
h. Assist s Triage Unit Supervisor.

2. Promotes effective and efficient patient care (In general, at any location that the Triage RN is assigned)
a. Clinically supervises the Nursing Department staff to ensure their adherence to patient safety and quality of care,
b. Ensure efficient patient flow and customer service,
c. Provides patient education on complex health care needs, assuring needed supplies, equipment, and information on medications and disease processes,
d. Consults with provider on abnormal laboratory or test results,
e. Responds timely and effectively to patient/family concerns,
f. Maintains professional demeanor and excellence in customer service,
g. Serves as a resource person and problem solves staff concerns in a timely manner,
h. Provides verification of medications and vaccine dosages for Medical Assistants,
i. Assures that all equipment is functioning correctly and takes out of service equipment needing repair,
j. Assures that all medical supplies are in stock and coordinates needs with the Nurse Manager and/or the Director of Nursing,
k. Facilitates and coordinates referrals with providers and referral unit as needed to ensure a timely and effective process for optimal patient care,
l. Maintains accurate and timely documentations and logs,
m. Participates in data collection and data entry for quality improvement activities;
n. Supports the implementation of organizational improvements,
o. Ensures confidentiality of all patient information provided verbally or in writing by the patient, patient’s family member, and health care provider within or external to APHCV,
p. Responds to and provides leadership in emergency situations,
q. Performs other duties as assigned.

3. Dispensary
When assigned to Dispensary, the Triage RN:
a. Ensures that dispensing duties are performed according to the State of California Nurse Practice Act, regulations set forth by the State of California Board of Pharmacy and APHCV’s Dispensary policy and procedures,
b. Ensure the full compliance to 340B program.
c. Provides appropriate labeling of medications,
d. Stores medications and medication supplies in a clean and organized environment complying with manufacturer’s recommendations,
e. Maintains internal controls by timely, effectively and efficiently completing all required documentation,
f. Assures that staff assigned to the Dispensary comply with scope of practice standards, regulations set forth by the State of California Board of Pharmacy, 340B and APHCV’s Dispensary and 340B policy and procedures,
g. Monitors medication supply inventory and orders in coordination with Nurse Manager,
h. Maintains the security of the dispensary by limiting use to approved personnel and securing the dispensary keys at all time.

4. Floor and Lab Operations:
a. Clinically supervise LVNs and MAs for Floor and Lab Operations so that the operations are in accordance with APHCV’s policies and procedures.
b. Nursing Department staff complete the following (in the absence of Nurse Supervisor at BHC, ERHC and JMHHC):
– Rooms are checked every day.
– Refrigerator temperatures in the labs are checked at beginning and end of day.
– Integrity of emergency kits is checked.
– Integrity of autoclave is checked
– All lab controls are checked daily.
– Integrity of medical equipment is checked.

5. Professional Development
a. Attends APHCV assigned APHCV meetings,
b. Attends trainings as assigned by supervisor,
c. Assumes accountability for own learning needs and communicates training needs to supervisor,
d. Participates in agency wide events as mandated by APHCV’s policy.