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healthcare servicesA full spectrum of health services for patients

of all ages including general diagnosis and treatment, behavioral health services, walk-in pregnancy testing, testing for HIV/AIDS and STIs, and screenings for bone density, breast, and cervical cancer. Your health and well-being are always our priority.

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Health Information we wish all patients would read:

We believe prevention is always better than a cure so take charge of your health!


With all the conflicting messages you hear about vaccinations on television, the internet, in magazines and in books, it’s important to try to get reliable information. The important thing to remember is to make an informed decision about vaccinations and what is best for you, your family and your community. To help you make an informed decision, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health recently launched the “STAY HEALTHY. VACCINATE” program to make sure you have all the information you need to make sure your children are on target for all of their vaccines. The “STAY HEALTHY. VACCINATE” website is a great resource to get information about the different recommended vaccines your children should be getting and at what age they should be getting vaccinated. Here are some of the most important reasons the STAY HEALTHY. VACCINATE Program thinks we should vaccinate:

  • Vaccines protect our loved ones from getting serious diseases
  • Vaccines prevent diseases from spreading in our communities
  • Vaccines keep us healthy and active

To get more information about vaccination visit the STAY HEALTHY. VACCINATE website.

APHCV is a partner in the Vaccines for Children Program, a national program that helps provide free vaccines for children. To be eligible, children must be 18 years of age or younger, eligible for Medi-Cal or Child Health and Disability Program (CHDP), or American Indian or Alaskan Native. Call APHCV today and see if your children have all their recommended vaccinations. Make an appointment


Proper nutrition is one of the first steps to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And while we all love to gather around the table enjoying plates full of fried chicken, pizza, fried rice, enchiladas, lumpia, pad thai and other delicious foods that remind us of our culture and family, it is important to eat a balanced meal full of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

The Center for Nutrition Polic
y and Promotion has launched a new campaign to help us all understand how to maintain a healthy diet while enjoying the foods we love, but might not be so good for us. “My Plate” helps us control those oversized portions and increase foods that are good for us like making over half of our plate full of fruits and vegetables, making half of our grains whole grains, and reducing the amount of fat, sugar and salt we eat. Learn more

Need help planning dinner? Here are some healthy options for dinner tonight…or the myplate_greenwhole week!

Find out nutrition informaiton on the foods you are eating at the My Food-a-pedia.

For more information talk to your provider or make an appointment to see APHCV’s Registered Dietician, Jenous Manesh and take charge of your health! Make an appointment.

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