APHCV awarded funding from L.A. Care Provider Recruitment Program

L.A. Care Health Plan’s Community Benefits Program has awarded APHCV with Provider Recruitment Program funding for the past four cycles!  We are so grateful for L.A. Care’s support in recruiting quality physicians to our practice.

L.A. Care is one of the largest publicly operated health plans in the country, and has working toward addressing the physician shortage in L.A. County. APHCV has received funding from the Provider Recruitment Program for the past four funding cycles, which has allowed us to recruit 5 new highly qualified physicians.  Each new recruited physician allows us to serve as many as 2,000 additional patients.

Below are the five APHCV Providers who have been recruited through L.A. Care’s Safety Net Funding over the past two years.

Kai En Tang, D.O.
Manuel Zhu, D.O.
David La, D.O.
Kevin Ko, M.D.
Tiffany Prachachalerm, D.O.

Information about APHCV’s Providers can be found by clicking here.