formerly known as Monkeypox, is a virus disease that is spreading in Los Angeles and much of the USA. Mpox is transmitted through skin contact. It can be on clothes, bedding, and towels from a sick person.

If you develop a new rash that is cloudy inside, call our appointment line immediately. Please inform our office of your rash and any symptoms so we can prepare to see you. A telemedicine visit may be arranged and medications to help reduce symptoms prescribed even by phone.


If you do not have telephone camera access, an in person visit may be requested instead.

For more information, visit For to learn more, please watch this video (Images are not graphic, but may be disturbing to some viewers.)

Vaccine is very limited. APHCV does not have vaccine to offer at this time.  Only if you are in a high-risk group, contact the County Health Department for a vaccine appointment. (833) 540-0473

To view images of Mpox skin lesions at different stages click here.

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How it is transmitted:

  • The fluid from the lesions is highly infectious.
  • It can be transmitted through intimate contact as well as shared bedsheets,
    towels, or clothing.
  • The disease is not considered to be spread airborne based on what has been
    observed up to this time.
  • It is important to prevent spread to infants. Nursing mothers who may become
    infected should not hold the infant for 2 weeks. They should consult their
    Pediatrician and ideally find someone to care for the baby. Short-term formula
    feeding prepared safely should be fine.
  • Mpox is not considered an STD. It is any unprotected skin contact with
    an infected person.
  • Please be aware that a condom is not enough to protect against other skin


Below is a good listing regarding risk activities (Source: Philadelphia Dept. of Health):

Isolation at Home

  • Persons with confirmed or suspected Mpox infection should be isolated.
  • If you are infected and do not require hospitalization, but remain potentially
    infectious to others, isolate at home.

Duration of isolation:

  • For people with Mpox, isolation precautions should be continued until all
    lesions have resolved
  • This means scabs have fallen off and a fresh layer of intact skin has formed.

Information derived from CDC sites