Asian Pacific Health Care Venture, Inc. has been providing health insurance enrollment assistance to families for over 16 years. With a team of certified Enrollment Workers, APHCV is here to help you understand all the different health care options that are available and provide the assistance you need to get health care coverage today.

Importance of Health Insurance

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as “ObamaCare” or ‘Health Care Reform,” helps make sure health insurance is affordable and easy to access for adults and families. Starting October 1, 2013, the ACA now gives you and your loved ones access to no- or low-cost health insurance through Medi-Cal or Covered California (Covered CA).

Through Covered CA, you can now look for an affordable health care plan that meets your needs. Health insurance is important in keeping you healthy and covers cost of care in case you get sick or injured, protecting you when you need it most. There is no greater investment than the health of you and your family. APHCV is here to help you select the best health care option.

More Options

Healthy Kids is an insurance program offered in Los Angeles County for children between the ages of 0-5, who do not qualify for Medi-Cal or Covered CA.

Covered California is the state health insurance marketplace where you can shop for a low cost health insurance plan for those who do not qualify for any of the above programs. You can select from different health insurance carriers and different plans that meet your health care needs and family budget. There is even a federal subsidy to help offset the cost for low-income families.

MyHealth LA. Learn more about MyHealth LA (MHLA) here:  http://dhs.lacounty.gov/wps/portal/dhs/coverageoptions/myhealthla


Make An Appointment

To get more information about the Affordable Care Act or health insurance plans you and your family may qualify for, contact APHCV’s Enrollment Services line and talk to one of our bilingual Enrollment Workers.

Enrollment Services Appointments: 323.644.3882

Do you have questions about Medi-Cal Expansion or Covered California?
We have the following Enrollment Workers to help you!

Araya Nakmee, Enrollment Program Coordinator

(323) 644-3880 ext. 355
Languages Spoken: English, Thai

Rowena Garcia, Enrollment Worker

(323) 644-3880 ext. 362
Languages Spoken: English, Tagalog


Umme Habiba, Enrollment Worker

(323) 644-3880 ext. 318
Languages Spoken: English, Bangla

Tom Hang, Enrollment Worker

(323) 644-3880 ext. 637
Languages Spoken: English, Vietnamese

 Manassa Janejopwong, Enrollment Worker

(323) 644-3880 ext. 233
Languages Spoken: English, Thai

Patricia Sandoval, Enrollment Worker

(323) 644-3880 ext. 354
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish

Suthada Toppel, Enrollment Worker

(323) 644-3880 ext. 230
Languages Spoken: English, Thai


Connie Wu, Enrollment Worker

(323) 644-3880 ext. 638
Languages Spoken: English, Cantonese, Mandarin