HRSA Recognizes APHCV as a Quality Leader

The federal agency, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), recognizes Asian Pacific Health Care Venture, Inc. (APHCV) with multiple awards as a community health center to provide quality care to our community. APHCV achieved a gold badge as a “Health Center Quality Leader” meaning that we achieved the best overall clinical performance compared to all health centers nationwide.

“The staff at APHCV is thrilled that their efforts provide quality care have been recognized nationally for a second year in a row.  The Federal Government awarded APHCV as a Gold Level Health Center Quality Leader – only 9.2% of centers attain this highest category.  It is wonderful that the daily work of staff, intense data gathering, and process improvement strategies by managers has resulted in measurable quality.  APHCV was also recognized in four additional categories including advancing access to care and exceeding national Healthy People 2020 goals.  The managers are proud of the staff and their commitment to being their best.” – John Hoh, MD, Medical Director

APHCV continues to increase its capacity to serve the community. HRSA also recognizes APHCV’s increase in the number of patients that come through our clinics. Through HRSA’s Quality Improvement Awards in 2019, APHCV has met or exceeded the national Healthy People 2020 goals for many health indicators and also continuing to utilize health information technology to increase access to quality care.





Written by: Priya Gandhi

It’s National Preparedness Month! Has all the recent earthquakes and wildfires have you thinking about ways to be more prepared in case of an emergency?  This year, the focus is not only on knowing how to protect your home for emergencies but also how to protect your health and wellness after an emergency. It is important to have your own access to resources and an emergency supplies kit, since access might limited depending on where you are or the impact the disaster has on health care systems. Try to pack multiple emergency kits so that you are prepared whether or a disaster happens while you are in your car, at work, or at home. Be prepared with paperwork to prove your medical and insurance coverage, identification documents, and any copies of an emergency action plan. Remember, these emergency kits should be personalized to your health needs and conditions, so that it can be the most useful to you to protect your health and wellbeing.

Personal Needs

One way to be prepared is to have items that protect your physical, mental, and emotional health during an emergency. Be sure to have these items unique to you, so that it is most likely to benefit you. This can include identification papers, medical documents, and even power backups for your electronic devices.  Be sure to check out the CDC website to find emergency checklists that are fit for you and your family.


A disaster could make it difficult to find an open pharmacy and get your prescription filled. It is important that you organize and protect your prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, and vitamins to prepare for an emergency. Only 8% of Americans pack their medications in their emergency supplies kit. It is also important to write out your prescriptions and have it handy on you in case an emergency happens in your car, at home, or at work.

The CDC has resources such as checklists, emergency action plans, and educational materials for you and your family to use in situations such as these. Be sure to check their website:

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Commendation from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

In July 2019, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recognized and certified APHCV as a Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative Exemplary Practice. This commendation recognizes APHCV for its transformative and innovative work that we do and our commitment to provide quality, value care, and patient experience.

We thank our staff in taking a lead role in this innovative quality improvement and in contributing to improving the health of our community and in the United States!

As the main family caregiver, you don’t often get to think of yourself first. At APHCV, we understand your specific needs, and we feel you.

As your home for all your healthcare needs, we provide a wide range of affordable medical services for women, including:
• Physical checkups
• Well-women’s exam
• Family planning
• Mammograms
• Pap smears
• STI/STD testing
• Mental health
• Workshops

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