Our Lifelong Mission

Asian Pacific Health Care Venture (APHCV)’s mission is to be the medical home for our patients by providing personalized, quality health care services in a culturally accessible manner.

The People You Love are a part of our vision too

APHCV is a medical home where our patients and their families from diverse backgrounds attain optimal health and wellness.

Our Patients Know Loving Healthcare


Kantima Lee, patient for eleven years

“APHCV is my first choice because of the quality of their service and because they are customer friendly. They are a true family health care practice.”

Noman Mia

Noman Mia

“I like this clinic because of the Bengali doctor and the outreach worker. I can explain in my language which makes things easy. Also it’s a friendly atmosphere and workers are compassionate with us.”

Tajrina Rahman

Tajrina Rahman, Bangladeshi Outreach Worker

“The best thing about APHCV is that I can help my community and that we have a doctor who speaks our language and knows our culture. That makes my job easy.”

Jorge Zambrano

Jorge Zambrano, patient for one year

“My family and I are treated incredibly well at this clinic. The service here is incredible. The doctors, nurses, assistants, receptionist; everyone is so welcoming at APHCV. I have no complaints.”

APHCV Website Terms of Use

APHCV receives HHS funding and has Federal Public Health Service (PHS) deemed status with respect to certain health or health-related claims, including medical malpractice claims, for itself and its covered individuals.

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