Dear APHCV Female Patients,

We sincerely hope that you and your family are well and safe during this COVID-19 time.

We are reaching out to you because you might have received services such as gynecological (GYN), family planning, prenatal care and obstetrical services, and well women’s health check-up at APHCV.

We want to make sure that you knew that many of the women’s health service can be done via telephone visits. Health issues such as:

  • Pregnancy test counseling and prenatal care.
  • Any period issues (ex: irregular bleeding, painful periods, PMS, heavy periods)
  • Any vaginal pain/abnormal discharge or issues with urination
  • Concerns about pregnancy, birth control or sexually transmitted infection testing.
  • Breast issues (ex: lumps, discharge, pain).


If you have any concern, please do call us to make an appointment or just call to ask questions at (323)644-3888.

Thank you and please do take care of you and your family.