About Our Safety Measures

To Our APHCV Patients,

We hope you and your family are well and safe and thank you for choosing APHCV as your health care provider.

As APHCV begins providing care in person for you and many of our patients, I am writing this letter to provide you with information regarding safety measures we have in our facilities.

First, APHCV shall provide care in person gradually to ensure safety for everyone. Unless Patients must be seen in person due to disease manifestation or health information we need to acquire in person, APHCV continues to provide telephone visits for all of our Patients.

We screen all of our workforce members for their temperatures and symptoms every morning before they report to work and at the entrances of all of our facilities. If they have symptoms or high temperature or exposure, they are required to stay home and will not come to work until they take COVID 19 tests and results are negative. If they are positive, they are quarantined until our medical team gives them health clearance.

We screen all our Patients upon making in person appointments and again before they enter our facilities. If they have any COVID19 symptoms, they cannot enter the facilities but are seen by our Providers via phone. We ask all Patients that they must wear masks at all times while in our facilities. This includes when you are in an examination room before seeing your Provider.

We ensure the availability of our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Weekly, we check inventory, use, and supply to ensure the PPE availability is adequate. We ensure that all our workforce wear adequate PPE. Staff are constantly trained on how to use PPE.

Social distancing – We arranged our facility space so that 6ft social distancing is maintained in all areas including patient reception rooms. All of our business meetings are now conducted via WebEx to minimize contacts among our workforce members.

On-going safety monitoring – We have a COVID19 Incident Command Center which weekly check safety measures for our Patients and employees.

I hope this information helps assure you how much we at APHCV daily strive to maximize protection for you and our employees. Again, thank you for choosing APHCV as your trusted health care provider.


Kazue Shibata
Chief Executive Officer